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Pedestrian dies in Tennessee hit-and-run car accident

One of the most frustrating aspects of hit-and-run accidents that end in someone's death is the possibility that a victim would have survived with immediate medical attention. When drivers who cause accidents fail to stop and render aid, the odds that a victim will survive often decrease. Just as heart-wrenching for the victims' loved ones is the knowledge that the driver was only thinking of his or her own future.

Consider the case of 49-year-old man who was arrested in connection with a recent fatal car accident in south Nashville. The man was traveling in his pickup truck on Tuesday of last week when he hit a 25-year-old pedestrian crossing the road. But instead of stopping to check on the man and calling emergency responders for help, the driver chose to leave the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, the man died of his injuries.

It wasn't until the following Friday that police received a report about the pickup truck's location. After finding the truck -- which had been covered with a tarp to hide the damaged front end -- in a parking lot, detectives used the vehicle's registration to track down the driver. He was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death.

Court records show the man was convicted last year of driving under the influence. There may be no way to prove if he was driving drunk the night of the accident. But investigators will undoubtedly try to determine both how the accident happened and why the man fled the scene instead of trying to save the victim's life. The pedestrian's family members may in turn file a civil lawsuit demanding compensation from the driver, regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings. They may never know exactly why their loved one died, but they can attempt to make the driver who failed to come to his aid take financial responsibility for their loss.

Source: NewsChannel5.com, "Arrest Made In Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash," Nov. 13, 2012

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