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Tennessee bicyclist injured in hit-and-run car accident

WGNS Radio reports that a Tennessee man was injured in a hit-and-run outside the Wendy's restaurant on South Church Street in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. According to the police report obtained by WGNS, the cyclist was riding along the sidewalk when a red car crossed the road and cut him off, forcing a collision with its front bumper. The man twisted his ankle while attempting to stop himself from falling, and the female driver apparently fled the scene of the car accident. He was treated at the Middle Tennessee Medical Center for non-life-threatening injury.

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is generally illegal except where no viable alternative exists. The Murfreesboro Greenways, Blueways & Bikeways Master Plan entitles bicyclists to use the sidewalk if no designated bike lane is available. There is no bike lane in that area of South Church Street, so the man cannot be faulted for using the sidewalk.

Bicyclists often incur serious personal injury in these kinds of accidents, as well as lost wages and medical expenses if they require physical therapy or rehabilitation. Under such circumstances, the inability to locate the responsible party to recover damages can make hit-and-run accidents particularly devastating. However, the accident scene can be thoroughly investigated for available witnesses or video evidence. The driver can be successfully identified through review of these and other sources of information.

If the motorist can be found, she very likely faces criminal charges and severe penalties for fleeing the scene. The bicyclist may have grounds to initiate a civil suit to recover damages for his medical expenses. In cases such as this, personal injury attorneys in Tennessee may help to investigate the accidents and represent the injured parties' interests.

Source: WGNS Radio, "Man Vs. Bike on Sidewalk Collision in Murfreesboro", May 06, 2013

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