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Picture it: an equitable distribution of marital assets you can live with; custody and visitation goals with the best interests of your children in mind; a spirit of cooperation that sets the tone for resolution of future issues.

It can happen. In Murfreesboro and throughout Middle Tennessee, the family law and uncontested divorce attorneys who can transition you to your new life are Guy R. Dotson Jr. and of Dotson & Taylor Attorneys at Law.

Our skilled, sensitive lawyers have administered to clients seeking uncontested, contested and high net worth divorces for more than 40 years of combined legal experience.

We listen carefully to your wishes and give you realistic assessments for your chances of success. We mediate thoughtfully, negotiate skillfully and, if necessary, litigate aggressively for clients who are enduring the pain of divorce. We assist with divorce planning that can cushion the blow of a breakup. We provide sound advice on the tax implications of divorce. We handle every detail of your uncontested or contested divorce so that you don’t have to.

For legal leadership that promotes your peace of mind, start to finish, contact Dotson & Taylor at this number: 615-890-1982 . We respond promptly to your e-mail and fax messages too.

Dotson & Taylor — Protective of Your Rights, Sensitive to Your Emotions

Our full-service family law firm brings experience, legal knowledge and personal service to practice areas that include:

No divorce settlement is ever truly “settled.” Changing circumstances with your job, health or marital status can result in modifications of your Tennessee settlement agreement. We strive to keep your post-divorce family together, and maintain your role in your child’s life, despite issues of employment relocation, military transfer or remarriage.

Whether you and your spouse are “on the same page” regarding conditions of an imminent uncontested divorce, or a lingering disagreement has caused your divorce to become contentious, Dotson & Taylor lawyers pledge their hard work and dedication to achieving solutions that last.

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