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Are you the biological father of a child who is being kept from you by a former girlfriend or former spouse?

Are you irate that your father’s rights are being overlooked in discussions of paternity, child support, and custody and visitation?

Are you seeking aggressive legal representation that can thoroughly, productively remedy the situation?

Our skilled, sensitive Murfreesboro fathers’ rights attorneys at Dotson & Taylor can help.

Guy R. Dotson Jr.,  and John C. Taylor have more than 40 years of combined experience with handling family law matters related to fathers’ visitation rights, custody rights and establishing of parental rights after proof of paternity.

While we often advocate for birth mothers in support and custody cases, we recognize the importance of fathers’ rights as well. We work hard to seek fair, practical solutions for fathers who want to support and co-parent their children, whether or not they were married to the child’s mother.

Take action now to protect your fathers’ rights and seek the child access you deserve. Contact us to schedule your free consultation. Our phone number is 615-890-1982 .

Middle Tennessee Family Lawyers Who Protect Fathers’ Rights in Custody, Visitation and Support Matters

You should speak with attorneys Dotson or Taylor immediately if you have attempted to exercise your fathers’ rights in matters such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Parental relocation, if a birth mother has left the state with your child
  • Domestic violence, if you were the target of it
  • Paternity, and DNA testing or legal action to prove parentage and establish parental rights

The primary challenge you face should be obvious: namely, longstanding bias favoring a child’s mother, in the culture at large and in our courts. Judges deciding family law issues continue to favor the mother when intervening in a dispute. Our versatile Dotson & Taylor lawyers can investigate, mediate, negotiate and litigate in your best interests.

For the quality fathers’ rights representation you need and the attentive personal service you deserve, throughout the legal process, our caring lawyers can help.

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