What Rights Do Fathers Have After a Divorce in Tennessee?

As a father, facing a divorce case can seem like an uphill battle. You assume the courts will side with your children’s mother when it comes to matters of support and custody. But don’t despair. All things being equal, fathers share equal rights to share in their children’s lives and care for their well being. If you are filing for divorce or being sued for a divorce, it’s important to remember that you have rights as a father during the proceedings.


– You have a right to see your children. If you are a responsible, caring father, you have as much right to care for your children as their mother. Even if you are unable to care for them, you still retain the right to visitation, to see your children and maintain a presence in their lives. An attorney can help you defend that right and ensure that your spouse does not take your children away from you without cause.


– You have a right to a fair support settlement. There is a widespread feeling that child support is biased against fathers in the state of Tennessee. Even when a father shares responsibility for their children, even splits of child support aren’t common. You always have the right to present your case, however. If you are doing an equal share, and spending an equal amount of money caring for your children, your support schedule should reflect this.


– You have a right to legal consultation. When facing a divorce and even afterward, it may feel like you’re being forced to sign your life away without support or advice. Your wife will likely have spoken to an attorney and gotten paperwork ready, serving you and expecting you to respond. It’s important to remember, especially when children are involved, that you have a right to speak to your own attorney and determine the best course of action to secure your place in your children’s lives.


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