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What Factors Can Slow Down a Divorce?

When many people decide to end their marriage, they likely want the process to be over with as soon as possible so they can move forward with their lives. In Tennessee, the law requires you to wait at least 60 days after filing before the divorce can proceed, or 90 days if you have children. Other than that, a divorce can be resolved relatively quickly in many situations. On the other hand, a divorce can also drag on for years before it is finalized. The following are only some factors that can slow down the divorce process in Murfreesboro.

Not Being Organized

When you get divorced, all of the details of your marriage will be on the table. This includes all of your financial accounts, personal property, income, retirement savings, and more. It is important to take some time to gather any information that may be relevant prior to beginning the divorce process. This includes account numbers and passwords, debts and expenses, insurance policies, property inventories, and more.

When you start a divorce without this information, it can delay the process while you have to track down everything you need. Your attorney also will not immediately have a clear picture of your situation to best evaluate your rights. A little preparation and organization go a long way when it comes to reducing delays.

Highly Contested Matters

A divorce is always faster when spouses can agree on the major issues, including:

If spouses cannot agree on certain issues, the court may have to intervene and decide for them. This requires trial preparation, additional court proceedings, and waiting for the court ruling. This will not only take additional time, but also additional money and stress. The right attorney can help you work to resolve issues out-of-court whenever possible to save time and other resources.

Complex Assets

Even if you are organized and in relative agreement with your spouse, divorces with complex assets can often take more time. Some complex assets that may extend the divorce process include:

When spouses have a high net worth, it is common that they have diversified and complex assets and property. These can take longer to divide, especially if there is a lot at stake. High-value divorces also often involve complicated alimony and child support determinations, which may need the assistance of the court. If you know that you will need to divide complicated assets and property, you need the right attorney handling your case.

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