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The Possible Challenges of Divorcing a Drug Addict

The abuse of certain illegal drugs is an epidemic in the United States. Many substances can completely take over someone’s life, alienating them from even their closest friends and family. In many cases, spouses of drug addicts cannot bear the situation any longer, and they may file for divorce.

Unfortunately, deciding to get divorced is often the start of a long and challenging process when your spouse is a drug addict. Addiction can affect the divorce process in many ways, and it can cause unnecessary delays and disputes at every turn. The following are only some complications you may face when divorcing someone who struggles with addiction.

Emotional Difficulties

It should be no surprise that divorcing a drug addict can be emotionally difficult. You can be sure that your spouse will not quietly accept the divorce but, instead, may unnecessarily fight you at every turn. In addition, people under the influence of drugs may miss meetings with attorneys, court dates, mediation sessions, and more. Their unpredictability can make an already stressful process even worse. Make sure you have an emotional support system in place and lean on friends or family during this potentially difficult time.

Child Custody Disputes

Many addicts engage in drug use that makes them unfit to care for children or unsafe to even be around children. If you believe that your spouse is a threat to your child’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being, you should be ready to fight for sole custody. The court bases its custody decisions on what is in the best interests of the child, so you will need to show that custody of the other parent is not in their best interests. You should expect your spouse to fight for custody, as well, so the dispute may very well go to court.

Financial Concerns

Drug addiction is costly - not only when it comes to health and relationships but also financially costly. Addicts may waste many marital assets or sell property to obtain a steady supply of their drug of choice. In addition, drug addicts often lose their jobs, and your spouse may be unemployed at the time of the divorce. These are all important issues to share with your attorney to ensure you get your fair share of marital property in the divorce.

Also, a drug addict’s refusal or inability to cooperate with the legal process can often drive up legal fees. It is critical to have a lawyer who has dealt with this situation and knows strategies to minimize your costs and resolve your divorce case in the most efficient manner possible.

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