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What Are the Signs of Cyberbullying?

In today’s society, our kids are constantly online - whether they have smartphones, video game systems, laptops, iPads, or access to school computers. No matter how hard you try, you still may not be able to control your child’s online activity enough to protect them from the dangers that lurk on the internet. One common danger is cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can happen at the hands of classmates, anonymous sources, and even adults online. It is important to know when your child is being cyberbullied and take action to stop it as soon as possible. The following are only some signs that your child is the victim of a cyberbully.

They seem nervous, paranoid, or scared.

If your child starts showing anxiety or uneasiness about leaving the house, attending school, or going to social events, it might be a sign they are experiencing bullying online. Your child may or may not know the identity of the bully, and they may be reluctant to be around classmates or peers out of fear they will encounter the cyberbully.

They react unusually if they get notifications or communications on their phone or computer.

Many children enjoy regularly texting or participating in social media. If your child suddenly gets jumpy or nervous when they receive a notification, it may be that they are afraid the cyberbully is in action. This might especially be the case if they try to hide notifications or communications from you.

Angry or emotional outbursts while online.

If your child used to enjoy online activities and now shows displays of anger or negative emotion while using the computer, phone, or gaming system, they may be experiencing harmful bullying activity.

Increased secrecy involving their online activity.

Many children are willingly open with their parents about their online accounts and activities. If your child suddenly hides what they are doing, they may feel threatened or afraid to report the behavior out of fear of increased bullying or retaliation.

Showing signs of depression or social withdrawal.

This is often a signal that your child is experiencing social problems, and it may be related to cyberbullying. There are many physical and behavioral effects that may arise from cyberbullying-related depression, including:

If you notice any signs of possible cyberbullying, be sure to speak with your child about the possibility.

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In addition, it is important to recognize when your own child is engaging in cyberbullying. In many situations, this conduct may constitute as a crime in Tennessee, and your child may be arrested and face criminal charges if their conduct goes too far. If your child faces such allegations, you should call a criminal defense lawyer at Dotson & Taylor right away. Call 615-890-1982 or contact us online.