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The Consequences of Violating Your Probation in Tennessee

While probation can help you avoid time in jail after a criminal conviction, it is not always a simple process. Probation comes with many costs and requirements, and the failure to adhere to all conditions of your probation can result in additional problems with the criminal court. You may even have your probation revoked, which can result in imprisonment. If you are accused of violating your probation, you should discuss the situation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Murfreesboro as soon as possible.

Allegations of Probation Violations

When you start probation, you will meet with the probation officer assigned to your case. They should fully explain all of the conditions of your probation so you understand how you can comply and successfully complete the process. Your probation officer will be monitoring you during the probation term to ensure compliance, and they can take action if they suspect a violation occurred.

First, if the alleged violation is relatively minor, your probation officer may simply call you in for a meeting and give you a warning. Upon more serious violations or repeated problems, your probation officer may report their allegations to the court that oversaw your criminal case.

If the court agrees that you violated your probation, the judge can impose many different penalties. The outcome may include:

  • Reinstatement of your original probation terms, allowing you a second chance to continue probation
  • Implementing stricter terms, such as more frequent drug or alcohol screenings
  • Additional time added to your probation term
  • A short jail sentence
  • Having your probation revoked and serving up to the maximum possible prison sentence for the underlying offense

In some cases, the court will give you a second chance to complete your probation, though this is not always the result. Some people end up serving years in prison because their probation was revoked due to violations.

Seek Defense Representation for Probation Violations

Probation violation cases are different from initial criminal charges in several ways, and Tennessee has its own guidelines and procedures for the suspension or revocation of a defendant’s probation. Some differences in probation hearings from other criminal cases include:

  • You could be arrested based on a warrant and held without bond until your probation revocation hearing
  • The burden of proof to prove a violation is lower than in an initial criminal case
  • Both your probation officer and the prosecutor can make recommendations for the penalties for a violation
  • The judge has significant discretion when deciding on specific penalties

It is critical that you have a lawyer ready to represent you and defend against allegations in a probation revocation hearing. We can present evidence to show you did not violate the conditions of your probation, and we can make arguments that may result in lesser penalties for a violation.

Contact a Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

At Dotson & Taylor, we do everything possible to help clients facing probation violation charges stay out of jail and keep their probation terms. It is important that you consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Murfreesboro as soon as you can if you learn of probation violation allegations. Call 615-890-1982 or contact us online to set up your free case evaluation today.