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New Program Providing More Resources for Children with Disabilities in Tennessee

Tennessee laws regarding children focus on upholding the best interests of every child, and this includes custody laws and laws providing resources and access to medical care for children with disabilities. Many parents in the Murfreesboro area struggle to advocate for their children with disabilities, and they might worry about how they will cover the necessary therapies and treatments to give their children the opportunities and futures they deserve.

In November 2020, the Division of TennCare and the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) notified the public that the federal government had approved its petition for the Katie Beckett Program within the state, which will help families to provide the necessary medical care and therapy for their children who have disabilities or other complex medical needs. Families were able to begin submitting self-referrals on November 23, 2020.

Details of the Program

The Katie Beckett Program has been approved in most states across the country, and Tennessee is one of the last ones to seek - and gain - federal approval. The program revolves around children who need extra healthcare services being able to qualify for TennCare even though their parents earn more income than would traditionally be allowed.

Known as the Katie Beckett Waiver, parents can apply to the DIDD and request that the maximum income threshold be waived so they can obtain the services needed for their children with disabilities and other complicated health conditions. Many parents might earn more than is usually allowed for TennCare, but that does not mean they can afford to pay out of pocket for home health services and special ongoing therapies.

There are two levels of the program for which parents might qualify:

Many families were eager to apply for the waiver, as they have struggled to provide the medical services needed for their children without being able to qualify for TennCare or without additional help from the DIDD. Parents who need assistance with the required forms should not hesitate to contact an experienced family law firm.

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