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Is it Worth Contesting a Divorce?

Divorce can be a very complicated and heart-wrenching process to go through. This is true not only for the divorcing spouses, but also for any minor children of the divorcing spouses who get caught up in the middle. Many times, spouses are able to resolve some or all of their disputed issues. When that is the case, the divorcing spouses can enter into a marital settlement agreement. Once the parties enter into this type of agreement, the agreement is typically “blessed” by the court and becomes incorporated into an order that is signed by a family court judge. This route is usually the most effective way to efficiently resolve disputed issues that are part of a divorce proceeding. 

However, when the divorcing spouses are unable to reach a consensus on the disputed issues during mediation or some other proceeding, a family court judge may have to decide them. In that instance, one or both of the spouses could walk away disappointed.

Nevertheless, it might be worth contesting a divorce if your spouse is being completely unreasonable or irrational and is contesting one or more important issues – like child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support. The same is true if your spouse is physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive toward you or your children.

If you are in the midst of divorce proceedings, it is essential that you have knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel by your side every step of the way. The compassionate Murfreesboro divorce lawyers at Dotson & Taylor can assist you throughout your divorce and zealously advocate for your best interests. Please call us today to find out more about how we could assist you with your Tennessee divorce case.

Types of Contested Legal Issues in a Divorce

When spouses decide that they are going to divorce, there are several important legal issues that might be contested. If the parties cannot agree upon these issues, a family court judge will often be left to make the final decision. Typical contested issues in Tennessee divorce proceedings include child support, spousal support and alimony, distribution of marital property, and division of marital property.

In order for you to be successful at contesting one or more of these issues, you must prove the necessary legal grounds for divorce in court. For example, you could testify on the witness stand, and one or more other witnesses may be able to testify on your behalf – and in support of your case. An experienced Murfreesboro divorce lawyer will first work to resolve any disputed issues informally on your behalf. However, if that is not possible, your lawyer will zealously advocate for your legal interests in the courtroom.

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