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Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect My Divorce Case?

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused damage to the United States in several ways, Tennessee included. This time will be forever remembered for the economic and biologic damages it caused. However, it has also caused animosity between divorced parents who share custody. With court closures, many parents found it necessary to change their parenting plans on a dime. With court closures and the new family issues related to the coronavirus outbreak, Murfreesboro divorce attorneys suspect that there will be a hefty backlog of custody cases.

How Court Closures Benefit and Harm Custody Cases

Tennessee courts were closed for many weeks in 2020 and now again in 2021. Nearly all hearings have been postponed or moved to video platforms like Zoom. For divorce and custody cases, the court has been forced to shut down for nearly two months, leaving many wondering how and when their case will finally be resolved.

For some parents, these court closures have had a silver lining. They are learning to re-engage and negotiate with each other in the interest of what is best for their children. This experience could benefit them down the road when future problems arise. For others, however, it has lit a fire under already strained relationships.

Divorced parents have dealt with issues never experienced before, such as schools being closed, losing jobs, working from home, and if and when children should be around others outside the family. One Louisiana attorney even had to file a motion to stop a father from hosting a day camp at his house for more than a dozen other children. If you are facing an urgent situation such as this, contact your Murfreesboro divorce lawyers to determine what your best course of action will be.

Courts Will Have to do More Than Catch Up

Not only will family courts have a backlog of already scheduled and routine cases, but they will now be dealing with new, unprecedented, and urgent issues. Parents have lost their jobs and will be requesting a reduction in the child support payments or requesting more support for children who incurred medical bills due to the coronavirus. Some parents may pursue a change in their parenting plans, as work and school schedules have changed. Even couples who had no intentions of divorce before the pandemic might have decided to file after being stuck at home together for weeks on end.

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Whether you are already in the process of divorce or settling custody issues or are just starting, we are here to help. Even if the courts are not open and attending to family law matters, we can use this time to prepare your case. At Dotson & Taylor, we know that navigating a divorce during these unparalleled times can be quite worrisome in many different ways. Our Murfreesboro divorce attorneys are sensitive to your wishes, goals, and emotions. We welcome your questions and will do whatever we can to mitigate any delays in your divorce and custody case. Schedule your free case consultation by calling (615)-890-1982 or by completing our online intake form.