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The government is aggressively cracking down on Medicare fraud like never before due to federal budget cuts. These cases are highly politicized and hard to defend. There are immense evidentiary challenges when it comes to defending patients’ procedures and billing months or years afterward. At Dotson & Taylor Attorneys at Law, we are here to protect you from the consequences of a conviction. Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys stand by you as we fight Medicare fraud charges head on.

Types of Medicare fraud

The federal government takes fraud very seriously and seeks aggressive penalties. You need a Murfreesboro Medicare fraud defense attorney equally capable of aggressively defending your freedom. Investigators have focused on some specific forms of fraud in their recent emphasis on Medicare abuse. These types of Medicare abuses are often subjective as they are based on the needs of the patient as the doctor perceived them at the time of treatment. Unfortunately, they are also forms of fraud that make it easy to mislead jurors. The types of Medicare fraud that are now most commonly prosecuted include:

  • False invoicing
  • Improper coding
  • Billing for medical services not provided to the patient
  • Charging for unbundled services
  • Charging for medical devices not provided
  • Overutilization of particular procedures
  • Billing for patients that do not exist
  • Multiple billings of the same procedure

Who can be charged with Medicare fraud?

There are misconceptions about who can be charged with Medicare fraud. It is not just the doctors that are vulnerable to legal liability for the fraud. Anyone in the chain of treatment that knowingly violates the law can be prosecuted for breaking it. This includes all of the support and administrative staff of the hospital or clinic. You can discretely speak with our Murfreesboro Medicare fraud defense attorneys if you have concerns about your potential legal liability for something taking place at your healthcare facility. Being proactive in these cases is often the difference between losing your freedom and being able to go on with your career.

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At the Murfreesboro offices of Dotson & Taylor Attorneys at Law, we are committed to the belief that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Our criminal defense attorneys here to defend you against Medicare fraud and other white collar crime charges you may face. Contact us online or call 615-890-1982 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.