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Family law issues require an attorney with superior knowledge of the Tennesee laws combined with an unsurpassed commitment to your well-being

Resolving disagreements and conflicts that can arise within a family are complicated by the relationships and emotions that are present. Divorce can be emotionally overwhelming as you leave a relationship to face an uncertain future. When dealing with property division, child custody, support and other divorce issues, you need an attorney with outstanding skills and acumen to guide and protect you. The Murfreesboro divorce attorneys at Dotson & Taylor bring more than four decades of combined experience as staunch, relentless advocates for the people they represent.

We offer our clients solutions to the divorce and family law issues confronting them. Our firm provides top notch mediation and negotiation services to resolve disputes without the time and expense associated with litigation, but we are skilled litigators who are prepared to take a case to a trial or a hearing if that is what it takes to obtain the best result possible for our client.

Murfreesboro lawyers skilled in all phases of divorce and family law

Relationships within a family setting can lead to disputes and legal difficulties covering a wide range of topics. It is essential that the attorney you choose to represent or advise you about resolving these disputes is familiar with the many practice areas that might present themselves, including:

  • Divorce: The termination of a marriage can be amicable or acrimonious. Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, you need an attorney who will look out for your future wellbeing by ensuring that you receive everything to which you are entitled.
  • High Net Worth Divorce: The division of assets acquired during and prior to a marriage can be complicated by tax issues and questions about ownership rights. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to recognize problems and to resolve them to your satisfaction.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Child custody issues can arise in a divorce, or they can be the subject of a separate court proceeding between unmarried parents. Our goal is to allow you to maintain your parental relationship with your child.
  • Child Support and Spousal Support: Child support and spousal support can impact the future of both the payer and the recipient. We fight for support orders that are fair and just for the person we represent.
  • Division of Property: Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, so the division of the assets that you and your spouse acquired might not be divided equally. The law makes a distinction between marital property and separate property, and it allows judges broad discretion to distribute marital property in a way that is fair and equitable. Your attorney must understand how the laws work and know how to marshal the evidence to obtain the best result for you.
  • Parental Relocation: No one wants to be a long-distance parent, but health, employment or education issues can arise requiring a parent to relocate. Parental relocation requires the services of an attorney when there is a custody order that must be modified. We make certain that your rights as a parent are protected when custody orders must be modified.

Other disputes and issues that can arise in a family setting requiring the services of one of our trusted family law attorneys include:

Attorneys capable of providing alternatives to litigation

Using the courts to resolve a dispute might be unavoidable depending upon the type of case or the facts. For example, a divorce requires an order signed by a judge to terminate a marriage, but divorce-related issues, such as child custody, property division and support, can be agreed upon by the parties and presented as a written settlement agreement to the judge.

Our Murfreesboro divorce attorneys have a proven record of success in negotiating settlements to benefit our clients in family law cases. We also offer divorce mediation as an alternative to trials and court hearings to resolve disputes.

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