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Emergency Child Relocation Attorneys

Generally speaking, if you share custody of your child, you may not simply decide to move with your child far away. Parenting plans and custody arrangements should specifically address this matter, including the notice one parent must provide to the other if they wish to move more than 50 miles away. The other parent has the opportunity to contest the proposed relocation, and then the parent who wishes to move must request permission from the court to do so.

Moving a long distance away can decrease the time your child’s other parent has with your child, which is why the law has strict requirements for you to do so. However, if you are facing an emergency situation, the law recognizes the importance of ensuring the well-being of your child. For this reason, you might be able to obtain temporary permission to relocate with your child without meeting all the notice requirements of traditional relocation.

Emergency Situations

One of the most common scenarios that allows for emergency child relocation involves domestic violence or an otherwise harmful environment for the child created by the other parent. If you believe that your child would be in immediate danger if you do not obtain an order, and you believe that relocation is necessary to protect your child, you can request an emergency order from the court. These orders can be ex parte, which means the court can rule on the matter without notifying the other parent or allowing them to challenge the order.

In these situations, it is often necessary to withhold certain information from an abusive parent - including where you are taking the child. In many cases, you might want to relocate - at least temporarily - a decent distance away from the abusive parent, or you might want to seek the support of family members who might live more than 50 miles away. You can ask the judge to allow you to do so on a temporary basis.

If you need to file a petition for emergency child relocation and attend a court hearing, you want the help of an experienced child custody attorney through every step of the process. The last thing you should do is simply flee with your child, as this can result in serious consequences. Instead, you want to follow the legal process of obtaining an emergency order from the proper court, and our attorneys can help you take the necessary steps to do so. 

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There is always the chance that circumstances might arise that cause a parent to want to relocate with their child. Unless you have an emergency situation, you must follow the law’s requirements in Tennessee regarding notice to the other parent and obtaining court permission if needed. However, if you have an emergency situation and find it necessary to relocate immediately to protect your child, there can be legal options available to do so.

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