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Murfreesboro Child Support Attorneys Untangle the Intricacies of Child Support

Child support responsibilities

Under Tennessee law, “parents are the joint natural guardians of their minor children, and are equally and jointly charged with their care, nurture, welfare, [and] education.” The responsibility for child support generally continues until the child reaches 18, with an extension for the child to graduate or finish out the year in high school.

However, when divorce occurs, one parent usually has to pay child support, which, per a court order, is the obligation of one parent to pay the other parent for their child’s support and maintenance. The court’s child support order names two parties, the primary residential parent (oblige) and the alternate residential parent (obligor). The oblige receives the child support payments from the obligor. At Dotson & Taylor, our Murfreesboro child support attorneys provide trustworthy legal guidance for all your child support, child custody and divorce matters.

How much child support in Tennessee?

Tennessee has complex laws and Child Support Guidelines governing how much child support should be paid. Essentially, the “income shares model” is used. This takes into account the earnings and income of both parents. Detailed calculations spreadsheets are used to calculate the amount, called the “basic child support obligation.” It’s a complicated process, so let our child support attorneys explain it to you and perform the calculations. Although there are general rules, the facts and circumstances of every case are unique, and our 40 years of experience ease the process for you.

While the details are complex, there are some core principles and considerations of Tennessee child support law. These include:

  • Temporary support can be ordered prior to a finalized child support order.
  • Guidelines may be deviated from if the court feels that application in a case would be unjust or inappropriate.
  • Child support can be ordered retroactively, dating back to the birth of the child.
  • When determining the basic child support obligation, a parent’s other child support obligations can be a factor.

I’ve been paying child support, but I can’t afford it anymore—can you help?

Yes. Realize that because of the complexity of computing child support and the court time required to come up with a child support order, courts are reluctant to modify them. However, the law understands that circumstances change. The other parent’s income may have changed, the child may have been adopted, or health care changes have occurred. Our experienced Murfreesboro child support attorneys carefully review the facts and circumstances of your situation and take advantage of any changes in circumstances leading to a modification in child support responsibilities.

If you are dealing with child support issues, contact our experienced Murfreesboro child support attorneys today

The emotional cost of divorce is high on both parents and children. And, of all the complexities surrounding divorce, little is more complicated than figuring out child support responsibilities. At Dotson & Taylor our dedicated Murfreesboro child support lawyers are here to help you navigate the endless intricacies of child support and other divorce issues. We strive to make sure you get the child support you deserve—or alternatively—pay your fair share of child support, but nothing more. Give us a call anytime at 615-890-1982 or e-mail us.