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Murfreesboro Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys Persevere to Get Grandparents Visitation Rights

No inherent right exists to see your grandchildren

Tennessee is a state that respects parents’ rights, so whether or not you’re allowed to see your grandkids is usually up to the parents. However, if you have established a pattern of grandparent visitation, you may be able to continue to do so. The law is complicated and favors the parents, so let the experienced Murfreesboro grandparents’ rights attorneys at Dotson & Taylor use our track record of success to help you visit your grandchildren.

The parents of my grandchildren won’t let me see me them—what can I do?

If you’re denied visitation rights by the parents, you may petition the court to consider visitation rights for you if:

The mother or father has died.

The grandchild’s father or mother are divorced, separated, never married, or have been missing for six months or more.

Grandparent visitation was awarded in another state.

The grandchild resided with you or you were a significant part of the child’s life for a year or more.

If one of these applies to you, then the court considers your petition by determining whether not allowing visitation would result in a danger of substantial harm to the child. There are a number of factors a court considers, but they all revolve around the best interests of the child if grandparent visitation is not allowed.

For example, assume you’ve had a great relationship with your grandson, but all of a sudden the boy’s mother (your daughter) divorces the father and moves alone across the country. The father doesn’t want you visiting anymore. It could be very hard on the child to simultaneously lose time with both mother and grandmother.

Or perhaps your son is the single destitute father of your granddaughter, and you’ve always helped him raise her, visiting often and bringing the girl needed “gifts” of clothing and food. Your son gets depressed or loses his job or becomes addicted to drugs, and lashes out at you by suddenly denying visitation. A court may find your continued visitation is essential to the financial well-being of your granddaughter.

There are any number of compelling reasons a grandparent should be able to visit grandchildren, but don’t go into court alone. Because the law favors the parents over the grandparents, let our experienced Murfreesboro grandparents’ rights attorney present the court with the most persuasive case possible to get the visitation rights you deserve.

I’ve exhausted all legal options, and the parents still refuse to let me see my grandchild—is there anything I can do?

Don’t give up. Absent some disruption in the presence of mother and father, or a significant existing relationship with a grandchild, the law generally defers to the wishes of the parents. With this in mind, our knowledgeable grandparents’ rights lawyers offer mediation, an alternative to litigation that relies on two disagreeing parties to reach a mutual and beneficial conclusion. So even if the parents initially don’t want to let you visit the grandchildren, they may be amenable to talking about it. With experience in mediation, persuasiveness, and sensitivity to all parties, we assist you and the parents work toward a future that includes visitation.

Don’t give up—call our Murfreesboro grandparents rights attorneys today to establish your rights as a grandparent

The law favors the wishes of the parents over grandparents. But all is not lost. Sometimes, where the best interests of the child favor visitation, the law gives a caring grandparent many different paths to visitation rights. Whether it be through litigating these circumstances or mediation, our Murfreesboro grandparents’ rights attorneys at Dotson & Taylor are here to vigorously represent the best interests of you and your grandchildren. Call us today at 615-890-1982 or e-mail us.