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Murfreesboro Parenting Plan Lawyers

Whether you are seeking a divorce or otherwise not living with your child’s other parent, working out the logistics of sharing your parenting time can be quite complicated. A parenting plan is a predetermined agreement that can be legally enforced. It will be one of the most crucial documents you have after your divorce. These plans address the major issues and even minor ones if you so choose in the sharing of child custody. Knowledgeable Murfreesboro parenting plan lawyers can help you craft a plan with your child’s other parent and file with the superior court.

What is a Parenting Plan?

Sometimes called a parental plan, a parenting plan is an agreement between both parents. It contains the child’s schedule with each parent as well as the specific duties and responsibilities of each parent. Parenting plans usually address crucial and often-contested issues, including:

  • A schedule—explaining how much time and when each parent will spend with the child to include weekends, holidays, birthdays, school breaks, and summer vacations
  • The child-rearing duties and responsibilities of each parent
  • Parental rights, such as who will be responsible for making important decisions about the child’s education, religion, medical needs, as well as responsibilities and rights regarding child support, custody, and visitation
  • Rights of other parties, such as grandparents or stepparents

Some parenting plans may include other elements. Both parents, along with their Murfreesboro parenting plan attorneys can negotiate outside of court. Once a parenting plan has been successfully negotiated, a judge will approve it if they find it is in the best interest of the child. Once approved, the plan is enforceable by law. If the parents are unable to come to mutual agreements about these issues, a judge will create a parenting plan for them. Any changes to the plan by the parents need court approval to be enforced.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Parenting Plan

Your Murfreesboro parenting plan lawyers can help you choose what type of plan works best for you and your child, help you to determine a fair and balanced distribution of duties and responsibilities, and can also gather evidence in support of the requested child support payment amounts. If necessary, your attorney can help ensure that your child’s other parent follows your parenting plan. There may come a time when you or the other parent needs to make changes to the plan. Your lawyer can also help you renegotiate your parenting plan when needed and protect your interests.

Discuss Your Situation with Experienced Murfreesboro Parenting Plan Lawyers

Parenting plans require time and careful attention. When crafting one, you need to engage an attorney who is an experienced and skilled negotiator. Our Murfreesboro parenting plan attorneys have a proven track record of working out amicable parenting plan agreements between the involved parties.

At Dotson & Taylor, our family law attorneys can help you create and file a parenting plan that meets the needs of you and your children. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case call (615)-890-1982 or by completing our online intake form.