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Don’t Post About Your Accident Injury on Social Media

Today, most people have some type of social media presence. For many, social media provides a way to discuss life events and seek out connections during difficult times. You may be tempted to share your experience after a serious accident that has affected your life. However, insurance companies today know how prevalent social media use is and may quickly assign someone to monitor your online activity while your case is pending. It is important to understand how social media content can be used against you during your personal injury accident case so that you can take steps to avoid adversely affecting your claim.

How social media may be used to harm your claim

Social media can harm your claim in any of the following ways:

  • Minimizing your injury – Loved ones may reach out because of their concern for you and you may try to quell their fears by saying “I’m fine.” However, a suspicious insurance adjuster or defense attorney may try to use these well-intentioned comments to show that your injuries are not as serious as you claimed and to reduce or eliminate your recovery.
  • Establishing inconsistency Insurance adjusters may use any of your social media comments or pictures to show inconsistencies and cast doubt on the jury. If you are tagged in a photo where you are smiling, the insurance adjuster may try to claim that you are exaggerating your injuries. If you respond to friends asking how you are feeling, the defense attorney may say that you did not suffer any injuries that you claim. Pictures of you on vacation, exercising fiercely or lifting heavy things may refute your doctor’s testimony about your limitations or the extent of your pain and suffering.
  • Uncovering confidential information – You may be tempted to complain about how unfair the insurance company is being, how your finances are being affected or what your doctor said. However, this insider information may give the insurance company access to information that they did not have a right to. It is best to keep these details private.

Social media tips during a personal injury case

If you are in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit, follow these tips to protect your claim:

  • Don’t post anything about your claim or accident – Do not post about the accident, what your attorney has said or what the doctor recommended.
  • Update your privacy settings – Change your privacy settings so only friends can see your posts, but do not expect the insurance company not to eventually gain access to your social media page.
  • Ask friends not to tag you Ask your friends and family not to tag you in any photos. Remove any photos that you are tagged in. Tagging yourself makes you visible on other people’s accounts.
  • Avoid posting any photos or videos – Regardless of your intention, pictures and video may be used against you.
  • Talk to your lawyer before removing anything – Do not remove anything that may be misinterpreted or used against you until you speak to your lawyer. This action may be seen as an attempt to destroy evidence.
  • Stay off social media – While it may be difficult to go completely cold turkey, this may be best for your case.

Contact an experienced Murfreesboro personal injury lawyer for guidance

If you have any questions about your social media usage during your personal injury claim, contact the experienced Middle Tennessee personal injury attorneys at Dotson and Taylor Attorneys at Law for guidance. You can request a free consultation by calling us at 615-890-1982 or contacting us online.