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New Year Brings More Divorces During “Divorce Month”

Experts have dubbed January as “Divorce month” due to the uptick in divorce filings during the month. As spouses begin a new year and are hopeful about the future, their marriage may be a reminder of an unhappy situation from which they want to escape.

Spouses may stay together during the holidays because they want to avoid turmoil during a time that is supposed to be happy for many. They may feel that they need to give their kids one final “good” holiday before getting a divorce. However, once the holidays have passed, they may think that they really do not want to spend any more holidays with that person.

While an influx of business for attorneys at the beginning of the year is a good thing, many attorneys find couples who are trying to rush through the process. They may not be aware of their rights and may be unprepared. They may consider giving away too many assets or expecting too much in return.

Some ways to prepare for divorce include:

Make a financial assessment

Before rushing to get a divorce, spouses should carefully consider the financial impact that a divorce would have on them. They may wish to talk to a financial planner about a post-budget divorce to determine if they can really afford to get a divorce.

In many cases, a spouse may fight to retain ownership over a house or other real property. However, he or she may discover after the divorce that it is not really affordable on one income. He or she may have waived other property rights or spousal support in order to retain this ownership that puts him or her in a worse financial position.

In other situations, a divorce may adversely affect a person, such as making the individual lose rights regarding retirement plans, medical benefits or Social Security benefits. In these cases, separation or other strategies may be more prudent than divorce.

It is important that individuals understand their legal rights in the divorce process and how they may be financially impacted during this process.

Consider counseling

Some spouses may not be emotionally prepared to get a divorce. They may still have emotional business that must be resolved before taking this leap. They may have problems that may be resolved through counseling. Family therapists also report an increase in business in January. Even if the spouses decide to get divorced, they can do so without allowing emotions or vengeance to steer the divorce process.

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