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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here, bringing with it family vacations, fishing jaunts, and trips to the amusement park. Along with these fun outdoor adventures comes an increase in the number of road accidents, water-related incidents, and playground mishaps. By practicing some easy summer safety tips, you can reduce your accident risk and enjoy the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Stay safe on the road

As the temperature rises during the summer months, so does the number of accidents on the roadways. Highways see increased traffic with vacation-goers heading out of town, and young adults traveling to work and other activities. Summer road construction projects cause delays and increase the risk of traffic accidents. As more teenaged drivers get behind the wheel, their inexperience, combined with distractions and the poor judgement of youth, put themselves and everyone else at increased risk. So drive carefully, allow extra time to reach your destination, obey speed limits, and be mindful of those drivers who may be driving on unfamiliar roads.

Share the road

Sunny days and warmer temperatures are ideal conditions for bicyclists and motorcyclists to take to the roadways. If you enjoy riding on two wheels, remember that bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles are considered vehicles so you must obey all of the same traffic laws. Drivers may be unfamiliar with sharing the road with cyclists and often do not see them, leading to an increased number of accidents. Drivers are reminded to share the road with cyclists, to recognize them as vehicles, and be on the lookout for cyclists changing lanes or merging onto roadways.

Water safety

According to the National Safety Council, approximately nine people die from drowning every day in the United States, not including boating accidents. Drowning is often a concern for only younger children but it is the second leading cause of death for those age 5-24. A few simple precautions can keep you safe this summer:

  • Do not enter the water unless you know how to swim
  • Swim only in waters that match your swimming level
  • Do not swim alone
  • Only swim in areas supervised by a lifeguard
  • Never leave your child alone in or near the water
  • Never take your attention off of your child when in or near the water
  • Do not dive in areas that are unfamiliar
  • Do not drink alcohol when swimming
  • Avoid pushing or jumping on others in the water
  • When boating, always wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets

Always be aware when near the water and be on the lookout for changes in water current, rip tides, rapidly changing weather patterns, and other flotation devices and water craft.

Stay safe this summer

Practicing safety measures is the best way to avoid the risk of accident or injury. Unfortunately, even in the best of circumstances, accidents do happen. If you or a loved one has suffered injury in a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, boating accident, amusement park or playground incident, we can help. The Murfreesboro personal injury lawyers at Dotson & Taylor Attorneys at Law have been representing victims for more than 40 years, with a track record of success in recovering damages for injuries due to negligence. Contact our office today at 615-890-1982 or online to arrange a consultation. We are available to meet with you at our Murfreesboro office, the hospital, or your home.